for families and small groups at any time.

Robinson picnic-excursion to a desert island

Duration: 3 – 4 hours

Price: 58 €/person, 39 €/child under 12 years

Size of group: 2 – 5 persons

The Piekoli guide takes the participants of the Robinson-excursion from Koli-harbour to a beautiful, uninhabited island and leaves them there to enjoy the nature. The group will be left on the island with a coal grill, sausages, bread and juice. They can enjoy campfire, fishing, and swimming and discover the nature. At the scheduled time the guide picks the Robinson day-trippers up and brings them back to Koli-harbour.

Booking one day in advance:

Piekoli tel. 0500-703611 (Piekoli Oy. Koli)